How to hire the right home inspector

Written by Matthew Cline

Congratulations on finding your new home! Now on to the next step in the process, finding the right home inspector. This step is crucial in finding out what condition the home and all of its many systems and components are in before the sale is finalized. It is important to hire an inspector that is knowledgeable and competent to provide those facts and observations both through communication and in the written report.

Qualifications And Experience Matter

With some states such as Pennsylvania requiring the bare minimum requirements with no professional licensing, no entrance exams, and no formal classroom or field training, it’s that much more important to research the home inspector that will be performing your home inspection.  Experience is also a plus as many home inspectors have worked in the trades. It is a good idea to ask how long they have been inspecting and what their professional background is prior to becoming an inspector.

What Qualifications Should I Look For?

Most qualified home inspectors have taken and passed the national home inspectors exam. Many licensed states require passing this exam. The NHIE is a very difficult test. Nationwide, only about 55% of test takers pass of their first try. Many qualified home inspectors will hold at least one or more state professional licenses. If your home inspector is  licensed, they have proven to the licensing board all the necessary classroom and field training hours from an accredited school. I know for both my NY and NJ licenses I am also required to log and submit my continuing education. Belonging to a professional trade group such as NACHI or ASHI is also a plus.

Honesty And Integrity

Without these traits as a home inspector, everything mentioned above falls to the wayside.  My clients put the utmost faith in me finding and presenting them with all my findings — the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. I sleep well at night knowing that I just tell it like it is. A good inspector is an unbiased third party professional. I’m not afraid to give my honest report of the facts. There are many quality real estate agents who genuinely appreciate an honest inspector that goes above and beyond for their clients. But, other agents of lesser integrity who would call me a “deal breaker” or “alarmist” for “killing their deal.”

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post.


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